Capstone Internship Experience Essay

-Review of the internship and accomplishments, placing them in relationship to the organization and its industry. (2 page maximum)
-Relevance to previously stated learning objectives
-Skills and knowledge learned and their relevance to specific courses taken (or identify those that need to be taken)
-Identify the most surprising thing learned
-Implications to job search after graduation
-Comment on any specific job search skills learned and/or needed to improve

The paper should be at least twelve to fifteen pages in length, double-spaced, in 10 or 12 point font. Specific citations to contemporary publications and articles to support the student?s position are required. No more than 2 pages of the paper can be utilized to describe the internship, its responsibilities, or accomplishments. The paper should focus on the accomplishments of the project and its significance to the hosting organization. The paper should be
written in third person; first person statements should be avoided.