calculating vertical deflections on T section Beam using stand7 and compare with theory

Case study is Finite Element Investigation of Cantilevered Beam (T-Section)
I did a lab test to calculate the vertical deflections of a T-section cantilevered beam which is fixed at one end and subjected to vertically downward points load at the of free end I applied different loads in N to the beam, Ive taken data using Digital dial indicators on 7 locations along the beam applying loads starting from 18N then 50 then adding 50N until I get to 800N
Beam length is 980mm
Flange width is 102 mm flange thickness is 8.4 mm
Web is 118 mm Web thickness is 6.4 mm
Youngs modulus value is 200 KN/mm2

I need to compare those results I got from the lab with whats below:

1-Theory I need to use double integration ( Macaulay’s method) to find the vertical deflection along the top surface of the beam. I dont want all calculations for each load and section but I would like to do examples on theory calculations on 100N, and 800N for all 7 sections showing the formula being used to do that

2-Using Strand 7 design software to calculate vertical deflections along the top surface, bending and stress this time for 100N 200N 300N then 550N 650N then 800N

Work in unite for stand7 is N (Force) and mm (length) and MPa (=N/mm2 modulus/stress)
Use plate/shell QUAD8 element
Use 32 or more elements to get to the nearest results to theory and lab
Plot a graph with the span wise finite element deflection values superimposed on the theoretical and lab values

I will send you my lab results in Excel and so you add theory results and Strand7 to the table .. You can organise it in the best you find suitable.

I hope thats this information are clear if not please let me know many thanks