You are to produce a Portfolio of work for this module. The aim of the portfolio is to test your ability to analyse information you have collected from a variety of sources. Completing the portfolio will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of Marketing and how its theories and concepts relate. The portfolio should be developed during the course of the semester and seminar time will be used to discuss and check your progress.
Your portfolio will demonstrate your ability to:
a) Identify the attributes of a marketing-orientated organisation
b) Describe how consumer behaviour informs key business decisions
c) Explain inter-relationships between the components of the marketing mix
d) Determine how an organisation has responded to changes in its marketing environment

This can be achieved by evidencing the following:
• Select a Business to Consumer organisation to base the whole of your assessment on.
o Your organisation must have a UK presence
o The organisation should have more than one product variant.
o Avoid focusing on services such as: financials, transport and professional services.
o Services that include a clear product element are suitable for this assessment, for example: Restaurants and Telecoms.

PART A Worth 20%

1. Introduce your organisation
2. Based on evidence collected about your organisation infer how marketing orientated it is

PART B Worth 30%

• Analyse the marketing activities that the organisation undertakes

PART C Worth 30%

• Based on your analysis in PART B outline how the organisation responds to market environment changes and the buyer behaviour within its market.

PART D Worth 20%

1. Make recommendations regarding how the Marketing could be improved
2. Justify why these recommendations would benefit the organisation

Your portfolio will include
• Written work in a report style – Clear concise, uses heading, subheadings and bullet points
• Visuals: Including photos you have taken as well as images that the organisation use
• Data: Secondary data, collected from a variety of source. Primary data in the form of observations that you have made
• Within all parts of your assessment: links to academic theory