Business Plan

I am starting a business for my Phone repair shop (please provide a new name for repair shop) and I will be using Tesco, would be using their property for my business, I must prove thy why business will succeed as phone repair shop it would a limited company with 2 business partner with 50% each. I also must present my previous sale forcast and future realistic forcast, with What if Analysis, showing my budget using Microsft excel including business assets, employee payments, suppliers cost etc.

Tesco is Britain’s leading food retailer and the third largest in the world. Its first store was opened in 1929 in London and by the early 1960s Tesco was a familiar feature of most UK high streets. After joining the eighties trend for large out-of-town supermarkets in the 1990s, the company started pioneering many new innovations; it developed new store concepts such as Tesco Metro, a city centre store meeting the needs of local shoppers and Tesco Express, the first UK petrol station convenience store. In 1995 the company introduced its Clubcard, the UK’s first customer loyalty card, and two years later formed a joint venture with the Royal Bank of Scotland to offer a range of financial services. 2000 marked the start of, which was built on the back of existing stores and with low capital spend was profitable from the start – a key internal requirement. Since 2000 there has also been an increasing focus on building non-food sales both in store and online with the result that, for example, Tesco is now the UK’s largest CD retailer.
Lacking the financial expertise to successfully tackle the problem of increasing focus on non-food sales, they have approached John Moore’s Finance Team (JMFT) to design a 1000 word report that identifies a viable target market and develop a plan for the launch of a new product to successfully cater for this target market.
Established by John Moore, JMFT has established a reputation as one of the best financial consultancies outside of London. Their recruitment policy of selecting only the best business and management graduates has given them a pool of highly talented consultants who combine a deep knowledge of finance theory with flair and creativity. You are part of a top team within JMM and you have been tasked with the Tesco account.