Book Review & Literary Analysis

Review the book, “The Road, by Cormac McCarthy”

Uses a lot sources, more than 15

Use this link to help have a background of the structure of the paper:

Structure of the paper:

1)Introduction – About the book, characters, setting, author background. End with thesis
2) Around 4 pages, talking about the book. A book review. the story line, about the characters, the setting, environment, the adventure the father and son go on. Describe the book, a normal book review.

3) Next, focus on different perspectives. Research online, people’s opinions and views about this book, how they agree or disagree with each other and how they react to the book to you. Get multiple perspectives, online

4)Formalist – talk about the language the author uses, the structure of his stories, the tone he uses, make sure to cite important passages and quotes from the book. Use 6 – 12 passages and quotes throughout the paper.

5) Authors biography – background information of the author, previous books, similar books. does this novel relate to his personal life, if yes, how so? Do the characters or situations represent things in real life? Is McCarthy trying to tell the world that this is where we are all heading if there is an apocalyptic event?

6) Psychology Strategy – Psychoanalytic theories to understand fully the text, writer and the reader.
Explore motivation of characters, symbols and meanings of objects or events in the book.
Use to describe & analyze the readers personal response.

7) Historic Strategy – What is happening? How does this affect people’s outlook on the future? Is the author trying to tell a story that may have happened in the past? if yes, what event. Does it represent where the world is going in terms of nuclear war, post apocalyptic events?

8) Social Strategy – Interaction amongst oner characters in the book
Different types of characters and the different levels of classes. Example, the father and son are different to the people they meet along their joinery. How?

9) End with a final conclusion, summarizing everything you have written about, and how it impacted you.

make sure to use the link above to help follow the structure and ideas of the paper.
Use a lot of sources to help, they do not necessarily have to be included inside the paper but the ideas will help. Use the book a lot in the paper.