Biomedical Science

Coursework Brief:

Construct a 1000 word outline of a research proposal. You should make reference to the justification for the research, brief literature behind the proposal, the scientific method, analysis of results and any ethical issues that may need to be considered. You may use your ideas for a future honours project as your example. You are encouraged to include tutorial exercises undertaken within the module as appendices in support of your argument to build up a research related portfolio.

(( Harvard referencing only ))

Marks will be awarded for the general presentation and references

This item of coursework assesses some of the following learning outcomes (dependent upon topic choice):

4. Gain knowledge and experience in aspects of research, development & innovation across the NHS relevant to healthcare

Word Count: 1000 plus additional 2000 allowance for appendices
Number of words used must be stated at the end of the report. Marks will be deducted for anyone exceeding 10% above the word count.


Justification for the research
(5 Marks)

Brief literature review
(5 Marks)

Proposed scientific method
(5 Marks)

Proposed analysis of results
(5 Marks)

Ethical or safety issues to be considered
(5 Marks)

Final Mark (out of 25) and percentage

Good works :
Exceptionally detailed and original response to the assignment, with critical use of independently sourced contextual material. Outstanding demonstration of linked understanding and application of relevant theory, concepts and models. Extremely well structured with high level of analysis. No obvious errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.