Biology (and other Life Sciences)

Gregor Mendel’s experiments helped advance you knowledge of the inheritance of characteristics

Student Notes
? You will need to answer the questions asked to the best of your knowledge
? You will come across a variety of information. Choose carefully the information you required and then cross reference the information for their accuracy
? Present all information in simple language and avoid using text language. New terms introduced should be explained
? Acknowledge the source from which you have used the information otherwise it is plagiarism
? Support your answer with well labelled hand drawn diagram. All diagrams should be labelled and titled neatly for it to be considered for marks. NO DOWNLOADED PICTURE
? Comparison answer should be written in a table
? Diagram should follow the question
? Each task should be completed in separate A4 sheet
? Questions must be written before answering
? Bibliography
Task one
Describe the aspects of the experimental techniques used by Mendel that led to his success
• Outline the experiments carried out by Gregor Mendel
• Mendel’s experimental technique and important deductions
• How Mendel studied different traits in the pea plants
• Method, results and conclusions
• State the two laws of genetics
• Why was Mendel successful in obtaining results that could be explained so accurately?
Task two
Mendel ignored
Outline reasons why the importance of Mendel’s work was not recognized until sometime after it was published
Task three
Briefly explain the importance of each of the statement to Mendel’s investigations.
• The pea flower has male and female parts. These are enclosed with petals
• Mendel could ensure a pea plant was self-fertilised by covering the flower with a bag
• To make sure a flower was cross-fertilised, he cut the stamens of the flower. He then brushed pollen from another flower onto the stigma
• The plants Mendel used in his experiments had been bred for many generations, with each generation having the characteristic of the parent
• When Mendel studied at university he was impressed by the mathematics and experimental designs used in chemistry and physics
Task four
Describe the methods used by Gregor Mendel to ensure consistency and accuracy in his experiments with pea plants.
Task five
Breeding experiments
If you were carrying out breeding experiments with a group of organisms that are heterozygous for a particular gene that has one dominant and one recessive allele:
• How many different genotypes of offspring would there be? Identify them and give their expected ratios.
• How many different genotypes of offspring would there be? Identify them and give their expected ratios.
• Explain the relationship between dominant and recessive alleles and phenotype using examples.