behavioral intervention plan to stop a child from throwing tantrums

Activity one:
Design a behavioral intervention plan to stop a child from throwing tantrums
points- definition of undesired behavior
points- explanation of possible reasons for the behavior
points- definition of desired behavior
points- explanation of how to change the behavior
points- explanation of how the behavior will be measured
points- explanation of why it may not work
WORD BANK: Classical conditioning, Operand Conditioning, aversive stimulus, appetitive stimulus, rate, variable, independent variable, dependent variable, functional relationship, stimulus, response, overt behavior, covert behavior, establishing operations, satiation, deprivation, contiguity, temporal, spatial, objective, unambiguous
Activity two:
Explain your feelings after a breakup (3 feelings)
points for each behavioral concept used
points for each explanation
Word Bank: Appetite conditioning, Aversive conditioning, backwards conditioning, Classical conditioning, conditioned response, conditioned stimulus, delayed conditioning, dis habituation, excitatory conditioning, habituation, inhibitory conditioning, Opponent-process theory, sensitization, simultaneous conditioning, trace conditioning
Activity three:
• Explain 2 different ways to extinguish someone’s fear of Santa Claus (5 points per answer)
• Explain 1 way to reinforce someone’s fear of Santa Claus (5 points)
Word Bank: Flooding, aversion therapy, compensatory-response model, counter conditioning, incubation, over expectation effect, preparatory-response theory, prepardness, reciprocal inhibition, Rescorla-Wagner theory, selective sensitization, S-R Model, S-S model, stimulus substitution theory, systematic desensitization, temperment
Each activity should be less than 100 words. Be sure to use words in word bank. You do not need to use all words! Remember this is a Psychology assignment to write as a psychologist.