Behavior Support Plan (BSP)

Please write three pages about Behavior Support Plan. For the students description please remembers that and writes this information in student description the student is studying in Kindergarten general education classroom. He is hyperactive student and he takes medication for ADHD. The target behavior for Michael is (that getting out of his seat without the teacher’s permission). The consequences for this behavior are ignored from the teacher classroom and not get attention. I will provide different documents for this assignment. The student is studying in Kindergarten general education classroom .He is hyperactive student and he takes medication for ADHD. Michael has some academic strengths as well as weakness. He dose not have difficulty in working with others in a small or large group settings. He has difficulty to stay on task for extended periods of time. He has a poor concept of time, he always waist class time and did not finish his work. He is easily distractible.
First: 6 logs that have different description for the behavior that I need you to write about it.
Second: summary for FAO that includes (target behavior, sitting event, and consequences).
Third: the interview of FAI that has I did with his teacher and you find information that you need to use it.
Fourth: sample for Behavior support plan please do not copy this example words. Write it by using your own words.
Fifth: the form for Behavior support plan that you should write on it.
Sixth: the instructions for this assignment. And this are the main instructions please follow them.
Seventh: provides chapter from the book please read it before write this assignment.
there are other instruction in the upload materials pleas read them to andrstand and know what you have to do in the assignment.