Autonomic Nervous System Receptors and Neurotransmitters

Research the drug you selected: Drug: Propranolol
Neurotransmitter: GABA & Dopamine

Address the following:
• The drug’s generic name and any common brand names
• In what division of the autonomic nervous system does the drug act, sympathetic or parasympathetic? Support your answer.
• Explain which receptors the drug works on, and how does it exert its effect (as an agonist – direct, indirect, or mixed, or as an antagonist) and where are these receptors found?
• Is the drug selective or non-selective, and is it specific or non-specific and why?
• What is the physiologic response to the agonist or antagonistic effect of the drug?

APA 4 pages with 3 references no older than 5 years

Regarding the drug in the post you are responding to: These must be 2 separate papers: 3 pages each with 3 references no older than 5 years

• Explain why it is one of the following: sympathomimentic, sympatholytic, parasympathomimetic, parasympatholytic
• What is another category name that can be given to this class of drugs and explain your answer?
• What are the major side effects of the drug, and are they desirable or undesirable and why?
• What are the potential adverse or toxic effects of the drug?
Find a drug that impacts one of the following neurotransmitters or enzymes (you made choices for the neurotransmitter in the choice poll) and, in your own words, explain how it works (using what you know about similar concepts with regards to receptor or enzymatic stimulation or blocking). For each response use the same neurotransmitter, but choose a different drug (and drug class) for each response.
• Dopamine

Paper # 1 Drug: Clonidine

Paper # 2 Drug: Epinephrine

Writer Please Note: there are a total of 3 papers DUE each must be completed separately with the above details.