Assessments and Performance of the WTO

The research essay should be 15 pages long. You are required to build on the proposal to write a well-thought-out and clearly argued research paper. Your research paper should contain an introduction, a logically coherent body, and a conclusion. The introduction should highlight a puzzle, posit an interesting research question, indicate a clear thesis i.e. response to the question, and a structure for the rest of the essay. The body of the essay must include literature review of at least 5 academic materials which shows mastery of the literature on the topic, supporting arguments for your thesis and a contrarian view. You are required to revise your draft research paper in such a way that it is at the very minimum strong enough to replace any Wikipedia entry on the topic. The title should be attracting and metaphorical e.g Paradox of the WTO. Focus more on just one aspect to avoid a broad paper which could be assessment of WTO in Agriculture in developing countries and use of case studies also would be really great.