Analysis and comparison of two multimodal persuasive texts


Component B: Assessed Written Topic
Write a 2,000 word essay that analyses and contrasts TWO multimodal persuasive texts (i.e. containing words and image(s) such as advertisements, propaganda posters, flyers, or charity appeals.

You could either choose two texts of the same type (e.g. two advertisements) or two texts of different types (e.g. an advertisement and a propaganda poster).

You should analyse these texts using the concepts that you have studied in the first teaching block that are most pertinent to your texts.

? Semantic/Pragmatic meaning
? Deixis
? Reference
? Cohesion/ Coherence
? Genre
? Context
? Intertextuality
? Symbols
? Semantic field
? Schema
? Graphology Framing
? Vectors
? Personalisation & Synthetic personalisation
? Ideational & interpersonal Meaning
? Multimodality & Word-Image relations
? Offers & Demands
? Information Value & Salience
? Sequence: given & New
? Verbal-Visual Metaphor

Criteria for assessment of coursework and other written work:

80+% The coursework is very clearly structured. The subject is discussed from different points of view, and the student’s evaluation of these different points of view is mature and balanced. There is a clear theoretical basis to the coursework. The argumentation is transparent and logical in all respects, making this an exemplary piece of coursework in relation to its intellectual depth and its level of critical analysis, and the way in which data/texts are analysed. The sources used are of a high level of complexity, and the referencing is carried out conscientiously and accurately. The presentation is very careful and accurate. The conclusion reached is often original and clearly follows from the argumentation in the paper.