An advisory report for BYD company. As a strategy consultant, imagine that you have been approached by the Board of Directors of the company to advise them on their future strategic direction.

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I will upload you some files. one will have the assignment question and the rest will include the guidelines instruction files to answer the assignment question.

please follow these files and their details.
each paragraph should include 80 words -/+5% but if you felt that the idea is not clear please write it in footnote or endnote.

I want you to use 25 references, and specifically I want you to rely on the following as part of the references:
1. Johnson, G. and Scholes, K (2008), Exploring Corporate Strategy- text and cases, Prentice Hall
2. Kim, W.C.., Mauborgne, R (2005), Blue Ocean Strategy, Harvard Business Press
3. Mintzberg, H (2009) Strategy Safari: The Complete Guide Through The Wilds of Strategic Management, Free Press.

don’t forget the accounting analysis when you deal with the SWOT task.