American Dreams

Please refer to the “STEP 1- Paper Instructions” document that i have attached. also, since this is a Media Writing class, we have a certain writing requirement which is: the first paragraph MUST NOT EXCEED 35 WORDS. And each paragraph for the rest of the paper MUST NOT EXCEED 40 WORDS. I have also included a sample of the paper. One of the source that is going to be needed in this paper is to conduct an interview of 7-10 people, i have also attached the instruction for the interview. i have interviewed some people, but you will need to interview 3 more people. i have attached the document which you can see in the “Interview” document.

You can disregard the instruction to provide information for the people that you interview, since i know that it may be private. in exchange, could you fill in the interview questions in the “Interview” document of the people that you interviewed so that i can see roughly what their opinions are.