African American Studies Project

Midterm Praxis Paper:
Type a 1.5 page paper describing “your philosophy of traditional teaching” & another 1.5 page paper describing “your philosophy of social justice teaching”

2-Letters: First Letter & Second Letter (2 paragraphs each- 1 page):
Read and comment on letters 1 and 2 from Paulo Freier’s “Teachers As Cultural Workers: Letters to Those Who Dare Teach” book. Write a reply letter to Paulo Freire for the “first letter”. Write another reply letter to Paulo for the “second letter”.

Rethinking Schools (Rethinking Columbus):
Type a 1 page essay on the “Resistance to Teach For America” (Research about it).

Banking Concept of Education (Pedogogy of the Opposite)-(Look this up on google):
The “Banking Concept of Education,” was an term used by Paulo Freire in his book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.” Write a 1 page essay on this term and summarize the main ideas about this concept.

History as an Inquiry Tool:
Individual Inquiry “Social Justice Educational Research Paper”. Type a 5 page essay about the research inquiries found in the 3 readings attached and expand upon one subject. (Read the articles and talk about them)