Accuracy of the 1996: Twister movie

Final Project:

For the Final Project students must watch a movie that contains a natural disaster and critique whether the information presented is scientifically correct. Avoid movies that have little scientific details of the cause and consequence of the disaster because they offer little to base your paper on.

The project should be 4-6 pages in 11 point font, double spaced. If there are only a few small pictures, then 4 pages is fine. If there are more pictures, then the project should be more than 4 pages. Final Projects must be submitted in .rtf, .pdf or .html format. Projects that include plagiarism will not be accepted and a 0 grade given as well as other possible consequences which can be found in the student handbook.

The Final Project grading rubric is as follows:
Knowledge of topic (earth science, natural disaster)-30%
Knowledge of movie-25%
Supporting references material discussed-20%
Supporting diagrams, pictures, video clips-10%


1996: Twister movie
The Good Earth Introduction to Earth Science (2nd Edition) McConnell – Steer – Knight – Owens