Accounting for Business


Project description
please follow the require to complete section 2 3 4 5 6 of template, and an executive summary is needed after sections done.

Identify Enviromental Cost Category
P; D; I; E
Sales Revenue $43,500,000
Selected Operating Costs:
Initial evaluation of environmental standing of new suppliers $30,000
Treating and disposing of toxic waste $1,325,000
Cleaning up chemically contaminated soil $900,000
Testing for contamination $240,000
Maintaining pollution equipment $425,000
Operating pollution equipment $1,200,000
Fines for environmental damage $500,000
Performing environmental studies $60,000
Revising evaluation of some existing suppliers $15,000
Training employees (environmental) $30,000
Inefficient material usage $1,500,000
Inefficient energy usage $1,800,000
Total Operating Costs (which includes the above items) $32,000,000
Profit $11,500,000
% of Operating Costs % of Revenue
P Prevention
D Detection
I Internal
E External
Additional: Health & Medical Costs $3,600,000
Zup-x Fertiliser Tri-D3 Insecticide Idle capacity Current Operating %
Kilograms produced
Packing materials (kilograms)
Energy usage (kilowatt hours)
Toxins released (kilograms into air)
Pollution control (machine hours) Reject 0%
Using packing materials Normal Percentage Special Order Percentage
Using energy Selling Price
Releasing toxins (fines) Variable Cost
Operating pollution control equipment Contribution Margin
Fixed Costs
Zup-x Fertiliser Tri-D3 Insecticide




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