ACC 212-04
INTRODUTION: The Rebel Ridge Practice Set is an accounting project that you must complete outside of class. The submission date for the project is 1 May 2014. The project is valued at 50 points. If you fail to submit the project on a timely basis you will not receive the 50 points. If you fail to submit a quality product you will not receive 50 points.
BOTTOM LINE – Take care of business – do the work …
PROCESS: This program is “on line”… the on line program requires you to
(1) contact a web site
(2) register – that means “pay money” – $20…
(3) work the project – do journal entries
(4) submit your documents
WEB SITE: The attached sheet (Encl # 1) provides the instructions necessary to contact the web site and work the project
REQUIREMENTS: The following submission requirements apply:
DATE: 1 May 2014 – in class
DOCUMENTS: Submit the following documentation:
(a) Trial Balance – 10 Dec
(b) Trial Balance – 17 Dec
(c) Trial Balance – 24 Dec
(d) Trial Balance – 31 Dec
(e) Adjusted Trial Balance – 31 Dec
(f) Income statement – 31 Dec
(g) Statement of Changes in Retained Earnings
(h) Balance Sheet
ADMINISTRATIVE: The indicated documents must be placed in a manila folder with your name on the front of the folder. Placement of the documents in the folder is important. I will not sort through your submission. Consequently, you must assemble your documents in the sequence indicated above, stable the documents together, and put them in the folder
ISSUES: As you work through the practice set you may encounter problems. See me after class – I will