A topic dealing with any developmental concept

Peer review journal summary: select 1 peer review article containing a research study(i.e. American Psychiatric Association) dealing with any developmental concept. summarize the main points of the article using your own words as well as including concept. summarize the main point of the article and or/what you learned. You may disregard any specific examples, statistics , or highly technical language in your summary. Instead, focus on summarizing the 5ws in a logical progression for your article. For example:who did the research and who did the research population consis of, what idea, concept or disorders was examined and what was discovered, why did they examine it,where did the study take place, and when did it occur? This summary should  be 2 pages ling and must have a  copy of the article attached to summary. Peer reviews journals can be located either on a shelf or via a database.