6 sigma, DMAIC improve phase

Milestone Five: Improve/Design Phase
In Activity 5.2, you will submit an overview of activities and tools used in the Improve (DMAIC) phase.
Following your previous weeks work, write a one page paper on the two below categories for your product.
• Develop potential solutions:
• Evaluate, select, and optimize best solutions

For writer:There are what I discuss previously, so I think I would like to stick to those.
Solutions discussed included consolidating harnesses as well as updating documentation to ensure accurate. Best solution could include removing completed (consolidated, run to best known method) from completed chassis. Reverse engineer the existing harness to properly document as built condition. Update all docs and create new part number for consolidated harness. This eliminates wrong parts being pulled from stock, scrap that exists from modifying existing designs as well as incorrect installation. Correcting the documentation along with addition of cable cutting tool result in high quality harnesses which in the long run install much quicker reducing cycle time dramatically. One other measure we could do would be to flag the new harnessing for quality inspection (CTQ) to ensure parts in stock match specification.

Attach is a rough draft of my previous weeks.