42 Trinity Place

Proposed Idea:
Students prepare an offering plan on a property (42 Trinity Place) in Lower Manhattan. The project should reflect on how the underutilized property should be developed. The offer should show inception, acquisition, finance and marketing feasibility based on comparable Properties and current finance options.

Research Purpose:
The primary purpose of this research paper is to find and analyze an underdeveloped property (42 Trinity Place) that has high commercial potential. For this research paper, I will suggest the optimal and realistic uses of the property as mixed use that enables the maximization of profit and increase in its value.

Please carefully see the ***attached sample.pdf file*** and follow the format as much as possible.
Also, I have done prompt research on the property in 42trinity.docx for the nature of Assignment and Description of Property; I want the building to be redeveloped as mix-use property that has restaurant in floor areas and residential space above them, but you can change the use of proposed development if you wish. Most importantly, I want this project to show feasible and realistic way to develop property.

The research should include:
-Nature of Assignment
-Description of Property
-Description of Proposed Development
-Comparable Properties
-Latest Economic Background and Patterns of Development
-Rental Rates/Vacancy Forecast/Absorption Analysis
-Marketing feasibility
-Acquisition and Finance of the property-10 Year Hold Pro-Forma including: projected operating and maintenance costs, revenue stream, IRR, NPV, sensitivity analysis and reversion at the end of the 10th year (EXCEL)