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Bonfire Night Caving
2nd and 3rd November 2013
It was a scene from a war film. Clouds of smoke billowed around us. We
choked on the acrid smell of gunpowder, as we cowered from the rockets
screaming overhead, temporarily illuminating the murky gloom as they
exploded close by. Yes, it was another typical bonfire night at Bull Pot
Farm, and yes I’m probably exaggerating a bit.
Over the din of the outdoor-fireworks-inside, we managed to establish
that the weather forecast was terrible, and that our planned trip from Top
Sink to Link Pot should probably morph into a trip from County Pot to
Lancaster Hole, avoiding any potentially dangerous wet bits. So on a
chilly Saturday morning (it would be warmer underground than above for
the first time in months) Tony, Kathryn, Emma, Nial, Aiora, Kayla and I
dropped into County Pot. The climb up to Poetic Justice was as
entertaining as ever, and soon we found ourselves in the Main Drain at
Eureka Junction, where the water was still very low – presumably the
rain hadn’t arrived yet.
We followed the water up into Stop Pot and climbed up into the high
level series. Our plan was to make a short detour to Carrot Chamber,
which I had not seen before but had heard was nice. With Aiora’s survey
guiding us, we were fairly sure that we found the correct chamber, but
extensive discussion ensued on whether or not what we were seeing
could really be likened to carrots. Nevertheless the chamber and the
passage leading to it, were beautifully decorated and in surprisingly good
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