In this project you will investigate the phonetic characteristics of a selected dialect* of English which is spoken in the local community.

• Working with speakers of the dialect you will record audio samples and will transcribe selected passages of natural speech. • You will then identify a number of key phonetic features that appear to distinguish that dialect and undertake an acoustic analysis of them, comparing your results with those from ‘standard’ Australian English (which you may also have to produce…

Zynga Company Part 3

write 15 pages about Strategy Development in Zynga Company. You have to write 3 Strategies, each strategy has to have ( Why, What, and How ) methods .

Our product was about selling Arabic coffee and sweet. The Arabic coffee contains from Arabic coffee bean, cardamom, 2 litters of water, ginger, saffron, and sometimes a little bit of milk . Our sweet is: date cookies, date cup cake, and some local sweets. Our cupcake are made of: date, whole wheat flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, corn oil, dates, and sesame on the surface. It’s really tasty. First, we made a call with the location for our mini venture. we chose our language school that we graduated from CllC (CANADIAN LANGUAGE LEARNING COLLEGE) , as we are familiar with the teacher and we know that we will find our target market there who may like our special Arabic coffee and the sweets as well . After we made the call , we brought our stuffand arranged .we wrote a board that we are bringing coffee and sweet and our interest will go to Tim Horton’s children’s foundation. We started our venture on 14th October Friday morning from 11:00am and we finished at 2:00 pm .there were a lot of teachers and international students who were interested to try our Arabic coffee and sweets . We took some interesting pictures while we doing our venture. Our budget for the coffee and sweets are : 20$ Because its our first attempt to sale new thing to the people there, we determine to sale each cup coffee for:50 cent .also we provided our customer with the refill service . For the sweets we sale the cupcake for 1$ , cookies and local sweet for 25 cent . Our minimum plan to sale coffee is : 21 cup and 10 piece of cupcake . Our estimated is to sale 26 coffee and 12 piece for cupcake. We success in selling 26 cup of coffee but we sell only 6 piece of cupcake . Because we have variety of sweet such as cookies and 12 local sweet. Our target market is coffee lovers weather candians or international students. Did poorly when we thought to depend only on selling coffee and cupcake for high price . We did well when we offer refill service. We gave all our interest to Tim Horton’s children’s foundation.