Review Table 12.2 in Ch. 12 of Foundations of American Education. Textbook: Foundations of American Education: Becoming Effective Teachers in Challenging Times (Chapter 12)

Choose elements from the various curriculum designs that you feel will maximize student learning in a particular content area. Construct a custom curriculum model applicable to your classroom (SCIENCE, GRADE 6). Include the following in your model: Design Teacher’s role Student’s role Pros and cons Implementation methods APA format

Discussion – CH10: WOULD IT BOTHER YOU?

PFLAG is an organization that aims to educate individuals on a number of issues relating to gender and sexuality. One of those issues involves transsexualism, which is a situation in which an individual was born physically a particular sex, but feel as if they were born the wrong sex–that is, they feel that they are the different sex. Read about…

Environmental studies and Forestry

Each student will submit a 3-5 page term paper on the assigned topic. If there is a topic that a student is interested in, please contact me to review appropriateness. The term paper is due by the end of week 8 of the term. Upload into Bb (preferred) or email to the instructor. â—¦Headers and other organizational elements are required….