What are the new challenges that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members face in today’s globalised world? Table of contents References (Harvard Style )

Clarifying Content Priorities

In a matrix (chart), compare the following theoretical camps regarding curriculum design: 1. Traditionalists 2. Conceptual Empiricists 3. Reconceptualists (critical theorists) Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each theoretical camp and determine a personal position regarding curriculum theory. research a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles in support of your analysis

Discussion 1

In Week 1, your individual assignment was to write about your culture of one. Using the book, Race and Ethnicity, discuss some of the societal and historical forces which might create inequity for some members of these groups. I still need two citations with one scholarly review.

Investigate a Social Issue Draft

Working from the outline, you will now develop a draft paper in which you formally write up your findings.  Specifically, you will submit a three (3) page paper in which you address all of the following: MUST USE THE HYPOTHESIS THAT I ALREADY HAVE.  WILL ATTACH THE DOCUMENT WHEN WRITER ACCEPT. 1.Specific Hypothesis.  Introduce your paper by identifying the specific…


Research Alzheimer’s and the design of a managed care plan for that condition. This project will include a literature research of the disease and the current standard of care; the creation of a cost-benefit analysis of various care options; the design of a novel care plan that implements modern prevention, treatment, medication, and/or technology; and the dissemination of that plan…