1. The aim of this paper is to educate the readers about (for example) the auditors, audits work, audit reports, and audit standers. I need you to write as much information as possible. 2. I want you to read the paper named (The value relevance of auditors’ communications) I sent you carefully and understand it well. When you understand it carefully, re write it on your own words and on your own style. Remember, you need to write it on your own style and re write it in a way that it will not match the original paper. 3. Please remember that you are NOT limited to what its in the original paper. I need you to add more information from outside the original paper. 4. You need to cite an idea you write. 5. You need to define any major words with citation. 6. I need you to fully understand that I will read your work carefully, So please DO NOT ignore my comments, DO not write general talks and do what I ask you. 7. Do NOT write introduction or conclusion or summery